Many businesses are legally required to have an audit and report on all or part of their accounts. This applies to companies if their income, assets or workforce exceed certain thresholds. For charities, whether an audit is required depends on its level of income. Other organisations also require audit work to be carried out, even if the accounts themselves do not require it, including solicitors and estate agents who hold clients’ money.

We want to make your audit a positive experience and have developed sophisticated yet client friendly audit processes to ensure that we undertake the audit in the most efficient way possible. We will explain our audit process with you so that you know what to expect and can plan ahead.

Our specialist team will also be able to make recommendations which you can use to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and financial systems, which in turn can improve the information provided to you for making key business decisions.

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We are currently looking for an Assistant Practice Manager. This exciting opportunity will appeal to a recently qualified accountant who wishes to use their accounting skills and develop their knowledge in all areas of practice...


We have found Spenser Wilson an invaluable part of the team providing a friendly service that is both fast and efficient with great advice gained from a very strong understanding of our business.
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